Action day Hoofdstraat Hoensbroek: more than twenty premises checked

The intervention team of the municipality of Heerlen checked a large number of room rental properties, nuisance properties, Chamber of Commerce-registered companies and garage boxes on the Hoofdstraat in Hoensbroek last June. Much of it happened during a special day of action on Tuesday, June 25. The purpose of the action day and the other inspections was to get a picture of the situation behind the front door and to tackle abuses to improve the Quality of Life and Safety, as part of the Social Safety approach. 

Main Street has many rooming houses, nuisance properties, vacant and rundown properties. Vulnerable residents with care problems live in the surrounding area. Since 2021, the municipality has started the 'Socially Safe' approach in Hoensbroek and Heerlerheide. The Hoofstraat in Hoensbroek is one of the focus areas. This approach focuses on care and safety, prevention and repression, person-oriented approach and area-oriented approach. Periodic checks are carried out in the area, June 25 it was 15 premises on the Hoofdstraat. Throughout June, 46 Chamber of Commerce-registered businesses and premises were checked on Main Street. 

Results action day

No major abuses were found, although some areas of concern were found when it came to registrations at the address and regarding building regulations and fire safety. One person had an outstanding fine and this was handled by police. Two care questions from individuals also came to our attention. this is being picked up by an adult counselor from the municipality's Access team. No disturbances were found during the inspection of garage boxes on Main Street. During the inspection of Chamber of Commerce-registered businesses, signs of possible undermining were found at a few addresses, which are being investigated further. All in all, the inspections provided a good picture of all activities in the premises. 


The day of action was conducted by a flex team/integral surveillance team of the municipality of Heerlen in cooperation with police. This team consists of building inspectors, police officers, enforcers (neighborhood Boas), lawyers, population control officers, healthcare consultants and investigating officers from the intervention team.