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Heerlen offers entrepreneurs space. On the business parks, in the center and on the Woonboulevard. But also to residents who want to practice their profession at home. Welcome to enterprising Heerlen!

Entrepreneurial house helps you move forward

You can contact the Entrepreneurs' House of the municipality of Heerlen with your entrepreneurial questions: Questions about regulations, such as any permits you may need, support in the area of choice of location or help in starting your business, to financial support when things are not going so well. The Entrepreneurs House will help you!


Heerlen as an entrepreneurial city

Heerlen has much to offer entrepreneurs. Excellent accessibility, room for business development, a wide range of secondary and higher education and a good labor market. Heerlen is located in beautiful and natural surroundings and a rich cultural offer. In short, Heerlen is the city to establish your business.

All government information for entrepreneurs is collected on the Entrepreneurs' Square website .