Reuring arrangement Hoensbroek Center

As of July 1, residents and business owners of Hoensbroek Centrum can also use the so-called reuring scheme. This is an initiative to come to more liveliness and meeting in Hoensbroek Center. People with surprising and creative ideas can then get help from the municipality in the implementation of their activity and possibly a financial contribution. 

During a meeting on Thursday, May 16, about the future of Hoensbroek Center, Restructuring Alderman Marco Peters announced some actions that would start in the near future. The reuring scheme was one of them.

Alderman Marco Peters: "The center of Hoensbroek will undergo a major change. The involvement and energy of residents and entrepreneurs is of great value. Hoensbroek Centrum will become for many the living room of Hoensbroek, a center that we are all proud of.

The reuring scheme is in effect in Heerlen Center. There, the municipality has previously called on entrepreneurs, individuals, foundations, associations and cultural institutions to participate in order to bring the city (even more) to life. Center Development Alderman Jordy Clemens said, "Whether it's art, culture, events or other initiatives, everyone is encouraged to submit her/his plans. All ideas and initiatives are welcome. In this way, together we will make sure Heerlen is even more fun and there is activity in the city all year round."

Ideas for events and activities can be suggested by emailing