All topics

Residence and life

  • Waste and environment

    Waste collection, animals, soil testing, sustainability and energy conservation.

  • Building and living

    Renting or buying, viewing plans, (re)building, cutting down trees, applying for a driveway and taxes.

  • Birth, marriage and death

    Birth, parenthood, name choice, adoption, marriage, partnership, death and burial.

  • Nearby

    Making your neighborhood beautiful and safe with "Together in the Neighborhood," going for sports, games or dog walking.

  • Reports and complaints

    A loose sidewalk, broken streetlight, dog poop, rat nuisance, poor landlordism and more.

  • Parking and traffic

    Parking permits, visitor parking, blue zones, parking fines, charging stations and more.

  • Passport and driver's license

    Pass, id card, name use, driver's license, Dutch nationality, bsn number, digid and non-residents (RNI).

  • Surcharges and subsidies

    Assistance in paying housing and living expenses and subsidies for sports, culture and education.

  • Excerpts and statements

    Excerpts, proof of living, certificate of conduct, certifying diplomas, personal data and more.

  • Moving

    Moving to Heerlen from another municipality or abroad, emigration and a letter address.

Care and income

  • Money worries

    Having trouble making ends meet or in debt? There are numerous schemes or provisions.

  • Education and youth

    Help with growing up, going to school or paying expenses, school dropouts, adult education or child care.

  • Employment and income

    Looking for work, applying for benefits or low income assistance.

  • Care, WMO and support

    Perhaps your health prevents you from living at home without help. In that case, report to the municipality.


City and government

  • City Council and College

    Council, college and committees, speaking opportunities, ribbons, elections and meetings.

  • Complaints and Objections

    Object to plans, complain about the municipality or hold it accountable.

  • Organization

    Vacancies, the municipal organization, policies and regulations, and participate via the Internet panel.

  • Projects and plans

    Projects in neighborhoods and downtown and new plans for roads, green space, culture and more.


  • Notices

    Current notices, new or updated ordinances and other decisions from the last 6 weeks.

  • News summary

    The latest news from the municipality of Heerlen.

  • Vacancies

    Would you like to work for the municipality of Heerlen? Check out our vacancies.

  • Road works and plans for redesigns

    For accessibility, traffic flow, sewer improvements or beautiful streets, we work on the roads.