Apply for passport or identity card

Apply for a passport or identity card at the municipality in which you live. You must be present at the appointment. After 6 working days you can pick up the travel document.


Starting in 2024, we expect a spike in passport and ID card renewals. Is your document about to expire? Schedule the appointment on the first possible date. Then you can be sure you can hit the road with a valid pass without worry!


Bring with you on the day of the appointment:

  • All your travel documents, even if expired.
  • 1 color passport photo that meets the guidelines.

Permission travel document for children

Children need parental or guardian consent:

  • Up to 12 years of age for an identity card.
  • Up to 18 years of age with a passport.

Consent can be obtained by:

  • A parent or guardian accompanies you to the municipality for the application. The parent or guardian must be able to provide identification. The other parent or guardian must give written consent. You will also need his or her proof of identity.
  • Are you not taking a parent or guardian with you to the municipality? Then both parents or guardians must give prior consent. Do the parents give written consent? Then bring the written consent and the parents' or guardians' IDs.


Rates 2024


€ 83.85 adults
€ 63.40 children up to 18 years
€ 57.05 extra for urgent applications 


€ 75.80 adults
€ 40.90 children up to 18 years
€ 57.05 extra for urgent applications 

€6.00 for delivering passport or identity card 

Please pay by pin. 


You use a passport or identity card to show who you are. You must do this when you want to travel abroad or when you go to the doctor or hospital. 

From what age?

Everyone 14 years and older must carry a passport or ID card. If children under 14 travel abroad, they also need a passport or identity card.

If you go to the hospital or doctor, you must also have your own passport or ID. This also applies to children. The age of the child does not matter.

Are you traveling alone with your child abroad? For example, because you have sole parental authority, or because the other parent is not traveling with you? Then you will need an additional document for this purpose.


With a passport or identity card, you can travel to other countries. With an identity card, you can visit most European countries. With a passport, you can visit all countries. For some countries you also need a visa. More information about traveling abroad can be found on the website of Rijksoverheid .


If you are 18 or older, your passport or identity card is valid for 10 years. For anyone under 18, a passport or identity card is valid for 5 years.


Anyone with Dutch nationality can apply for a Dutch passport and a Dutch identity card.

Do you have the nationality of another country? If so, contact your country's embassy or consulate.


After 6 working days, you can pick up your passport or identity card at the municipality. 


The delivery time of 6 working days may take longer in case of loss or theft.Does 6 days take too long? Then you can request one urgently. You do not have to make an appointment. You will then usually receive your passport within 2 working days. 

  • If you apply for the travel document before 2 p.m., you can pick it up the next business day after 1 p.m.
  • If you apply for the travel document after 2 p.m., you will receive your travel document within 2 working days.

Is your travel document missing? Then an emergency procedure is not always possible. Please inquire about this with the municipality. 

Emergency Passport

Do you need the travel document even sooner? You may qualify for an emergency passport from the Royal Military Police. More information about the emergency passport can be found on the website of the Royal Military Police .