Registering in Non-Residents Registration (RNI) and Citizen Service Number (BSN)

A citizen service number (BSN) is a unique personal number. Everyone registered with a Dutch municipality has a BSN.


What should you bring to your appointment?

  • A valid travel document: passport or ID card
  • the QR code or the completed application form
  • Are you under the age of 16? If so, please also bring a certified copy of the birth certificate. The copy must not be older than 6 months.
    At least one parent must be present at the appointment.

Do you live abroad and your child needs a BSN?

Do you live abroad? But if your child was born in the Netherlands, your child will not automatically receive a BSN. First apply for a travel document (passport or ID card).

  • For children up to 16 years of age:
    • Your child must come with you.
    • Please bring your child's valid identification.
    • A certified copy of birth certificate, not older than 6 months.
    • At least 1 parent comes along and brings his or her own ID
  • Children 16 and older can apply independently with a valid travel document.


The citizen service number (BSN) is free of charge.

Updating data in the Non-Residents Registration does not cost anything.
An extract costs €19.60 (2024).


Everyone has a unique personal number: the citizen service number (BSN). You do not have to apply for the number. If you are registered with a Dutch municipality, you get it automatically. The BSN used to be called: social security number.

With the BSN, you can go to any government office, such as the municipality. Health care providers and health insurance companies also use the citizen service number.

Your BSN is on your passport, driver's license and identity card.

Do you not live in the Netherlands? Or are you coming to the Netherlands to work or study for less than 4 months? Then you can register as a non-resident in the Non-Residents Registration (RNI). You will then receive a BSN.

  • You do not live in the Netherlands or for less than 4 months.
  • Would you like to change the address with which you are registered in the RNI? Then go to adjusting data RNI.
  • For all other adjustments, you should always make an appointment.
  • Are you an employer coming to the appointment? Then come together with all employees in person.