Apply for driver's license

You apply for a driver's license in person at the municipality in which you live. After 5 working days you can pick up your driver's license.

You can also renew your driver's license online at the RDW.
You can make an appointment to apply, renew, exchange and for a Health Certificate 75+


You bring with you to the appointment:

  • your valid ID
  • 1 color passport photo that meets the guidelines
  • possibly a health certificate. Request it online from CBR.
  • your old driver's license, if you wish to renew or replace your license

Is your driver's license missing or stolen? Report it online at RDW. Then apply for a new driving license.

You must pick up your driver's license in person. Bring the receipt as proof of collection and the old driver's license . It is not necessary to make an appointment. 


Rates 2024

  • € 51.10 (online) application for a driver's license
  • €13.80 extra if you report loss or theft to the municipality
  • Free if you report the loss or theft online at the RDW 
  • € 39.65 extra for urgent applications 
  • € 44.50 health declaration 75-plus

Please pay by pin.

Apply for a health certificate (self-declaration) with medical certificate online at the CBR. Please note use only the CBR website , other websites sometimes charge additional fees.


A driver's license shows that you are authorized to drive a motor vehicle. Each vehicle has its own driving license category. Your license shows which categories you are authorized to drive vehicles.

A new driver's license is usually valid for 10 years. A driving license with category C, C1, D, D1 and/or E is valid for 5 years. Are you older than 65 years? Then your driving license is not valid for as long. This is because you must have a medical examination from the age of 75. Read more about your driving license from age 75 on

Has your driving license not been issued by the Netherlands, but by another EU country? Then you may use that driving license in the Netherlands as long as it is valid.

You apply to the municipality for a driver's license if:

  • you passed a driving test for the first time.
  • you have passed a new category.
  • your driver's license is about to expire.
  • your ability to drive is impaired (for example, due to an accident or illness).
  • You want to exchange a driver's license (for example, a foreign or military driver's license).
  • your driver's license is lost or stolen.
  • your driver's license is damaged.

With a driver's license issued after May 25, 2018, you can also log in to government websites. Read more about it on the RDW website.

Renewing your driving license online at the RDW

All information about renewing your driving license directly with the RDW can be found on their website.
Read that information carefully and/or watch the video before you apply. After 2 working days you will receive an email that you can pick up your driving license at the municipality. You do not need to make an appointment.

Note: You can only renew online if you are in possession of a valid Dutch driving license. If you have reported online to RDW that the driving license is missing/stolen then online renewal is not possible. Please make an appointment at the municipality to apply for a new driving license. 

Report loss or theft

You can report this in 2 ways:

  • Digitally at the RDW. This notification is free of charge (Note: online application for a new driving license at the RDW is then not possible. Make an appointment at the municipality to apply for a new driving license).
  • At the municipality. There is a charge for processing your report. 

You must first report the loss or theft of the driver's license before applying for a new license. 

Exchange foreign driving license

Did you obtain the driving license outside the Netherlands? You can exchange the driving license for a Dutch driving license in some cases. Check the RDW to see which documents you need for your appointment at the municipality. Schedule your appointment online. 

During the exchange, you may not drive on public roads. If you do, you will be fined. You will have to show your driving license during a road check. 


The main requirements for applying for a driver's license are:

  • You lived in the Netherlands for at least 184 days in the past year.
  • You apply for your driver's license within 3 years of your driving test. Otherwise, you must take the exam again.

Check on whether you need to complete a Health Declaration. CBR then assesses whether you are fit to drive. Sometimes CBR needs more information. Then, for example, you need to be examined by a doctor. Or take a driving test.

Do you want to exchange a foreign driver's license? Then additional conditions apply .

The age at which you may apply for a driver's license depends on the type of license. 

If you are 17 years old, you can apply for a youth driving license. You may then drive a car with a coach next to you. To do this, you need to apply for a supervisor pass at the Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer (RDW). Read more about the youth driving license at


After 5 working days, you can pick up the new driver's license at the municipality. You have 3 months to collect your driver's license.

Does 5 working days take too long? Then apply for a driver's license through the urgent procedure. If you apply for the driver's license before 2 p.m., it will be ready after 2 working days at the latest. You will then pay a surcharge.

Is your driver's license missing? Then an emergency procedure is not always possible. Please inquire about this with the municipality.